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The Dirtiest Insult

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No doubt the dirtiest personal slam ever wrought by this here pen:

Your cocktail of passive-aggressive jealousy and unaddressed insecurities has been sitting a while now. Reminds me of the rancid clam of an old whore who’s been assfucked so many times she can’t stand up without dropping a steaming river of brown stink.

Feel free to use it if the moment strikes but be sure to give proper citation: JAC, aka Dishonest Abe, 2013!


Donovan’s Cents

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I’m an old, rickety man, and that means I know more than you do.

Don’t mistake: I’m not just old. I used to be a banker, and I used to be sinewy and tall and make everyone either desirous or jealous.

Now, why does that qualify me to tell you all what’s what?

My younger self–an exceptional combination of earning potential, earning actuality, and manliness–had a window into everyone: their reflexive vulnerability. Yes they shook. Yes they stared. Yes they stuttered. And yes, I managed them all, managed their fears, managed their stuttered, tentative compliments with “Oh, I’m not that great,” or “Oh, everyone has the same potential,” or “Oh, stop,” or “Oh, your forehead-to-lower-face ratio is looking good today.”

Problem now: I set out to teach you how to manage your insecurities, but now I realize I’ve never had any of my own and I’ve always played on others’ fears of social slippage when talking them out of their pathetic states.

I sincerely wish you a good night.