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The Dirtiest Insult

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No doubt the dirtiest personal slam ever wrought by this here pen:

Your cocktail of passive-aggressive jealousy and unaddressed insecurities has been sitting a while now. Reminds me of the rancid clam of an old whore who’s been assfucked so many times she can’t stand up without dropping a steaming river of brown stink.

Feel free to use it if the moment strikes but be sure to give proper citation: JAC, aka Dishonest Abe, 2013!


Mutual Noninterference

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The moon bowed like a fishing line if you could remember its trajectory. I watched it all night and didn’t do much else. No one was around. Good. No noise. Good. It took a lot to surround myself with nothing but nature those days. It took a lot to get away at all. But there I was, where I wanted to be. Now that I was there I didn’t have to think about where I was, or where to go. If you’re doing what you want to do and you’re where you want to be, there’s not much room for anxiety about such things.


I jumped. I had no choice in the matter.


“What are you doing?”



“I would rather be alone.”

“I would rather be sitting where you’re sitting than standing where I’m standing.”

I stood and turned around.

He was a short man, about five-seven. I am a tall man, about six-four. He was thin. I am not.

I sat back down and I do not know what he did next.